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7:00 PM, Wednesday, April 11
Cavanaugh's Head House
421 S. Second Street
Ken Finkel, Temple University
"The Market Shambles and Halls of Philadelphia"
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April 11

Cavanaugh's Headhouse

Ken Finkel, Temple University
"The Market Shambles and Halls of Philadelphia"

April 22, 12:00 pm
Ryerss Museum & Library
7370 Central Ave.
APT field trip!

What happens in Philadelphia reaches everywhere!
     The world held its collective breath on March 4, 1797 as reporters and international diplomats crowded into the gallery of Congress Hall in Philadelphia.  Would that commanding 6'3" war hero, accomplished dancer and legendary horseman, George Washington, turn over the reins of power to that squat starchy Boston Lawyer (his enemies called Adams "his rotundity").
     Washington had already secured his place in history by winning the unwinnable war.  The longer he served as President, the more his reputation - which he greatly prized - came under attack.  He was flinging newspapers to the floor at his Sixth and Market Sts. mansion - eager to quit politics and return to his beloved Mt. Vernon.
     That March afternoon in Philadelphia, in his new shoes and grey suit, John Adams emerged from Congress Hall, the second President of the United States.  History's first great peaceful exchange of power had taken place - proof to the world that this fledgling Republic was a working democracy.



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 These are hands down, the best tour guides anywhere  -National Committee on U.S./China

 APT certified guides are the guides to follow  -Mike Newall, The Inquirer

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The Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides (APT) was founded in 2008 to bring professional and volunteer guides together, to act as a voice for our membership, and to ensure a high quality experience to every visitor to our city. The Association conducts the Education and Certification Program for Philadelphia city guides.  APT, with a membership of about 180 as of January 2018, is a Pennsylvania non-profit organization.

APT knows that Philadelphia tour guides take great pride in the services they provide both visitors and local residents in exploring the rich historical, architectural and cultural resources of Philadelphia.

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William Penn's Birthday at Welcome Park





If you're a Philadelphia tour guide or are involved in the city's tourism industry, APT has a lot to offer you. In addition to individual membership, APT also offers a Corporate Associate Membership for corporations and organizations. See our Membership page and our Supporters and Benefits page for information on APT membership levels and perks.





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 Betsy Ross welcomes APT members to her home and shop





In 2011, APT began testing and certifying Philadelphia tour guides for basic knowledge of Philadelphia history, people and sites. As of 2018, APT has certified 174 women and men for competency in guiding in the city of Philadelphia.

The next APT Certification Exam is scheduled for 4:30 pm, Wednesday, April 11, 2018.  Note earlier start time.

APT has also established a program to identify and certify Master Tour Guides. These are veteran guides who have progressed well beyond the level of basic competence, who can be depended upon to meet and exceed client expectations under any circumstances.

For more information about APT certification programs, or to apply for the Master Guide Program, visit the Certification page on this site.





To promote high professional standards we have published a Tour Guides Handbook, an invaluable resource to anyone in the Philadelphia tourism industry.  The APT Handbook is considered one of the nation's most comprehensive and inclusive sources of information, a model for other city guide services. 

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