Initiative with Philly250 and a Special Request

The Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides (APT) is working on a 2026 collaboration with Philly250 to pair professional guides with local community leaders in order to offer tours in every neighborhood across Philly, especially in those with untold or under-told stories. As part of APT’s 2024 Training Program, Danielle DiLeo Kim will speak about this at the 2026 panel discussion on Feb. 24 in her presentation, “The People’s Commemoration: By the People, For all People.” The People’s Commemoration is a new kind of milestone commemoration in which every Philadelphian feels included and neighborhoods can benefit from 250th programs that create lasting civic and social impact across the city.

Philly250’s broad themes for these tours are

  1. revolutionary actions (social justice, civil rights, innovations);
  2. peoples’ histories (especially undertold);
  3. pursuit of happiness;
  4. shared prosperity (community efforts).

This is an amazing opportunity for APT to have an impact on the 2026 celebrations!

APT members interested in this initiative should fill out this GOOGLE FORM on their current tours and potential tour interest to help Philly250 prepare.

Guides who are not currently giving walking tours and are not interested in developing any with Philly250, do not need to fill out this form. (Guides who give walking tours, even if not interested in developing new ones, are still encouraged to fill out the form.) This is not a commitment, just an expression of interest at this time.

Deadline to fill out this GOOGLE FORM is Friday, February 16. Thank you!!