Statement of Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides

“In light of the Supreme Court’s June 17, 2021 ruling in Fulton v. Philadelphia, the Board of the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides (APT) affirms its support for equal and just treatment of the LGBTQIA+ community. In a unanimous decision, the Court ruled that the City of Philadelphia may not compel a faith-based social services agency with which it contracts to certify same-sex couples for child fostering.
Laws and policies intended to exclude LGBTQIA+ people have no place in Philadelphia, and we commend the City in its defense of civil and human rights. As our city’s storytellers, APT guides have a vital role to play in teaching visitors about everyone who made Philadelphia what it is today. Welcoming LGBTQIA+ visitors is crucial to our city’s growth, just as protecting LGBTQIA+ residents and their history is. A more perfect union starts with us.”
2021 APT Board