Bill Benkert***

: Guiding since 2007

Expert Overview

APT Certified Master Guide
APT Certified Tour Guide


(Client And Guide Design, or Standard Design): Walking Tours, Step-on, Combo Walk(s) and Ride, Big Bus/ PTW Tours: Any time windows 1 hr. - 1 week, any combinations, Guide/Sites Hospitality Escort, Presentations

I am willing to be contacted regarding the services I provide. 

Specialty Tours or Topics

Faith Based Tours (Including Catholic Shrines): Arts and Culture (Murals, Monuments, Sculptures, Theatre): Fairmount Park (Centennial, & The 7 Jewel Historical Houses): Beyond The Urban Boundary: The Delaware Central And The Indian Walk Purchase


Any Client Age Group in any Combination: Children to Adults and Seniors: Families, Corporate, Church, Military, Etc.