Board Elections December 2021

Due to Covid concerns, this year elections for APT Board officer and director-at-large positions (2 year term in 2022 and 2023) will be held online. Candidates will make brief presentations at the December 8 zoom meeting (click here to view the recording) and afterwards the link to a google form ballot will be sent to all members through the President’s Constant Contact communication. The final day to vote will be Saturday, December 11.

Though new 2022 members may also receive the communication listing the ballot link, only those who were members in good standing throughout 2021 are eligible to vote. As membership was waived in 2021, anyone who renewed membership in 2020 was automatically rolled into 2021 and thus eligible to vote. Those who became members for the first time in the fall of 2021 are not.

Members are encouraged to look for the constant contact communication and to check their spam filters if they do not receive it. If it is nowhere to be found, members can contact to have it resent. If there are difficulties submitting the form or questions about whether it went through, contact Nominating Committee Chair Reid Addis . Your voice matters – thank you for your continued participation!