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: In business since 2021


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Jim Murphy*, owner

*APT Certified Tour Guide


Walking tours, step-on tours, short tours, 1 and 1/2-day tours and do-it-your-way tours ... for people who really want to discover what makes Philadelphia different from any other city in the U.S.

I am willing to be contacted regarding the services I provide. 

Specialty Tours or Topics

"Penn and Ben" (William Penn and Ben Franklin), "The Amazing Success of William Penn" (Powerpoint), "Philly Tough Women," "3 Philly Naval Heroes," "Why the Mason-Dixon Survey Started in Philadelphia," "William Penn Jane's Walk" and more.


As the writer of a popular new book by Temple University Press called "Real Philly History, Real Fast," I bring a fun-fact focus to my tours. 

For more information on my book and tours, check out my website.