Candidate Questionnaire

All APT members are asked to submit questions for mayoral and city council candidates (clear, concise, open to short answer, and related to the tourism industry) to by Thurs. March 23.

APT member Patrick Coue suggested that APT  prepare a questionnaire for the mayoral and city council candidates. He wrote, “I know of a few organizations in the arts who are working on questionnaires to be sent to the candidates, asking them to take positions on issues related to the creative economy. These questions are a great way to make the candidates aware of the difficulties and challenges faced by these organizations and their contributions to the local economy. I believe this election is a unique opportunity for our industry voices to be heard and hopefully get some attention from future elected officials.”

The suggested questions will be collated, edited, and incorporated into a questionnaire to be sent to all of the mayor and city council candidates. Responses will be shared with APT members in the weekly email.

Resource links:

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