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Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides at the Wells Fargo Museum

APT members touring the Wells Fargo Museum





                 Everyone connected to Philadelphia's thriving tourism industry is invited: docents, site managers, re-enactors, carriage drivers, walking tour guides, concierges, volunteers, tourism related organizations and any other parties interested in Philadelphia and its history.

Please contact us at with any questions.




APT offers two levels of membership, INDIVIDUAL and CORPORATE ASSOCIATE:




APT membership opens a world of educational opportunities and connections in Philadelphia's tourism industry to you, although neither membership nor certification guarantee employment as a tour guide.


Individual Membership Benefits include:

● Networking opportunities with other tourism professionals

● An incredible array of speakers and programs at the APT monthly meetings. You'll discover what's going on at local museums and sites, keep up to date on the latest tour guiding technologies and learn about everything from Colonial beer making to Prohibition in Philadelphia.

● A listing in the APT Membership Directory

● Access to thid-party tour guide liability insurance through our membership in the National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations-USA. We also provide our members discounted fees to attend NFTGA tour guide conferences and representation for tourism-related legislative affairs at the national level.

● Discounts for the APT Educational and Certification Program and programs, as well as CPR and First Aid certification 

● Invitations to special behind the scenes tours of local organizations and sites, including City Hall, the Athenaeum, Fort Mifflin, the Woodlands, Christ Church, the Historical Society and St. Peter's Church.

● Discounts at APT CPR and First Aid classes for city tour guides

● Discounts or free admission to APT supported local businesses, museums and venues. See the Supporters and Membership Benefits page for more details.




                APT offers a membership level for organizations or corporations who are involved with tourism in Philadelphia or who want to show support for the tourism industry. APT meetings are a great opportunity to interact with other tourism professionals. APT also sponsors several tourism industry networking events and collaborative projects a year like the Delaware River Cruise in April and the Great River-to-River Tour of Philadelphia in the fall.


Corporate Member Benefits include:

● Any 2 members of the organization may attend all APT meetings and outside events.

● Any 2 members of the organization may attend APT paid events (e.g. the lecture series) at APT member cost.

● Members of the organization will receive discounts and special admissions at venues that support APT.

● The organization receives a listing in the "Organizational Members" section of the APT Directory.

● A link to the organization's website appears in the APT Directory.

● The organization will receive the APT monthly newsletter.

● The organization members do not have voting rights, but may sit on APT committees.






You may join APT in person at any meeting with cash or check, via post with a check, or online here at the APT Store.

APT is a growing community of members who care about what they do and the city they live and work in.


Click here to download an APT brochure and membership form.